Spike has done many commissions for different clients over the years. Sons and daughters of airmen who flew or were killed flying int the war and want a memory of this courageous and formative time in their fathers, or grandfathers lives. Or history enthusiasts who want a certain moment in time brought to life such as the Battle of Trafalgar. Or maritime and aviation enthusiasts who have a great love of a certain ship or aircraft they would love to see immortalised on their wall.

Spike meticulously researches each painting and sends pencil proofs before he puts paintbrush to canvas. His clients are often blown away by the final work which hangs proudly in many homes around the world.

Spike was a top commercial illustrator in London and Sydney for 30 years before moving to Queenstown, NZ, to semi retire and start painting what he loves – aviation and marine art. But he still does occasional commercial work such as storyboards for TVC’s, concept architectural drawings, scraper-board illustrations, educational books, and technical cutaways for companies such as Real Journeys.

He can turn his vast experience and skill to any project. So get in touch if you have something in mind.

Spike’s clients are often international, so correspondence can be done online, and final paintings can be easily shipped.